X managing Y and Y adapting to X

By Peggy Gulick posted 12-20-2018 17:23


Ecolab and the Manufacturing Institute hosted a great STEP Forward event last month in Minneapolis with a discussion on multi-generational workforce on their agenda.  With the increasing number of millennials in the workplace, coupled with a high representation of late-retiring baby boomers, managers can't ignore the perceived opposing agendas of these workers without risking decreased productivity and profits. 

“Boomers come from a generation where much of their early years were spent fighting for a cause or a movement. This need to fight for something is deeply ingrained in their DNA.  Millennials crave the opportunity to be a part of something.  They are looking to change the world, but quite often don’t know where to turn to make a difference.”    (Entrepreneur)

As manufacturing companies continue to seek ways to hire and retain employees, we are addressing the gap through new training programs, new ways to work organizationally, including restructuring teams and reverse mentoring. 
How are you encouraging Millennials to join your workforce?  And, how is your company bridging the gap between Gen X and Millennial agendas?

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