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Meet Dana Scott, Maintenance and Technical Services Director, BASF -- 2019 STEP Ahead Honoree

  • 1.  Meet Dana Scott, Maintenance and Technical Services Director, BASF -- 2019 STEP Ahead Honoree

    Posted 03-19-2019 10:19
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    Dana Scott
    Maintenance and Technical Services Director
    BASF Corporation

    "Working in manufacturing feeds my passion for continuous learning. I've had a rewarding career with opportunities I could not have imagined as a young girl who loved math and science. I have collaborated with diverse people from around the world, all with a shared desire to create, innovate and inspire."

    As the first female maintenance manager at a large BASF site in North America, Dana's leadership has been imperative to the company-particularly amid challenging circumstances. When the homes of hundreds of employees were impacted by Louisiana's devastating floods in 2016, Dana faced the dilemma of keeping the Geismar plant running, while understanding the physical and emotional trauma her team was experiencing. Dana not only led efforts to ensure all employees were accounted for and received assistance, she ensured that the plant maintained operations safely and with limited human resources. Her efforts to take care of others while upholding operations after the flood are just one example of the leadership that Dana continues to display today in her role as Maintenance and Technical Services Director.

    Dana is committed to paving the way for the next generation of females in manufacturing. As a work stream leader for BASF's Women in Manufacturing efforts, Dana helps determine how the company can better attract female talent. To ensure that a diverse panel of employees is involved in the decision-making process when hiring new employees, Dana is often involved in interviews. Through the Society of Women Engineer's (SWE) Scholarship Committee, she also instrumental in awarding 42 scholarships to female students pursuing degrees in engineering. Over the last two decades, Dana has actively mentored dozens of early career professionals, especially females. In fact, her ongoing personal mission is to talk to as many women as possible about how to be successful in a manufacturing environment.  

    Dana has inspired countless others by sharing her professional and personal journey within her community and beyond. She frequently speaks to students and teachers about careers in manufacturing and encourages diversity by serving on Louisiana State University's College of Engineering Diversity Board. In addition, Dana has been an active donor to the United Way for more than 20 years. 

    Victoria Vaccari
    Director, Women's Engagement
    The Manufacturing Institute
    Washington DC