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What are the mentoring best practices you've experienced

  • 1.  What are the mentoring best practices you've experienced

    Posted 03-19-2018 19:37
    ​​Early in my career I had the opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance from several more experienced leaders.  In most cases it was from someone who looked like me and had a similar work and education background.  I later learned the most valuable mentoring experience came from leaders very different than me.  The opportunity to work with senior women in our business helped me see things from a different perspective and that was invaluable.  I've had the privilege of being a mentor to several of our shipbuilding women and it has always been a mutually rewarding experience.  My goal is to mentor women and other future leaders that have different backgrounds and experience than my own so we can share and explore different perspectives when it comes to career development.  Although many leaders in our business invest time in mentoring our future leaders our approach to mentoring is somewhat informal and its an area I believe requires more energy as we work together to advance women in manufacturing leadership roles.  It would be great if we could share our views on this topic including best practices some of you use or have experienced.  I look forward to hearing from the MFG women community.  Thanks.