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"Why don't women self-promote more? Should they have to?"

  • 1.  "Why don't women self-promote more? Should they have to?"

    Posted 12-20-2019 16:31
    CONTEXT: Last night, during the Democratic Candidate Presidential Debate- featuring a "historic number" of female candidates- candidates were asked to either give a gift or ask for forgiveness from a rival onstage.  The female candidates chose to ask for forgiveness the male candidates chose what could be only considered as acts of self promotion.

    In this Ruling of The Week excerpt, from this week's POLITICO Women Rule newsletter, (presented to you by The Manufacturing Institute), POLITICO Magazine's Deputy Editor Elizabeth Ralph explores the gender gap in self promotion.

    So, what say YOU #MFG Women Community?   Do you believe that women do not self-promote enough in manufacturing?  Any best practices in addressing this area of leadership development to share?

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    Constance Thompson
    Sr. Director, Women's Engagement
    The Manufacturing Institute
    Washington DC