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Did you choose a career in manufacturing or did it choose you?

  • 1.  Did you choose a career in manufacturing or did it choose you?

    Posted 03-26-2018 23:53

    It chose me, but not immediately! I am the youngest child and the only girl. My three older brothers were always more involved in the family business as kids than me. While I grew up with manufacturing discussed at the dinner table each night, I chose a separate career as a buyer for a large retail store. But by the time my company filed bankruptcy, I had already been considering a move from buyer to vendor. I wanted to work with the people making the products rather than buying the goods from them. While I had offers from other retailers, retail was an uncertain industry at the time and I decided to let it settle out for a bit before choosing my next job. In the meantime, my dad asked me to temporarily help with his manufacturing business. I quickly realized that a part is a part. Whether I'm working with metal bearings or fine crystal and silverware, someone is making the product and that is what intrigues me. At that point, I realized manufacturing was my personal passion and not just a job. I never get tired of walking the production floor at my company or at one of my customer's and seeing the process of making a product. I find it fascinating. Twenty seven years later I am the president and majority owner of the business.

    Pamela Kan
    Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
    Pittsburgh CA
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