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Increasing the visibility of women in manufacturing

  • 1.  Increasing the visibility of women in manufacturing

    Posted 07-02-2018 13:43

    To me, it's difficult to show women what manufacturing can offer them when they don't see a lot of women on the factory floor. My company has a lot of women in the front office, we are gaining more and more women engineers, however, we do not have a lot of women in leadership roles in the factory. I am the only female production supervisor out of roughly 30, and I just recently got this position. Before I was the Total Process Reliability Supervisor. We only have 5 production assistant team leaders out of approximately 65. There is a lot of untapped potential that we need to start utilizing, especially since we are struggling to get man power period. Knowing this, how do we attract more women to manufacturing and even more specifically, manufacturing leadership?


    Amber Pratt-Lum
    The Raymond Corporation


  • 2.  RE: Increasing the visibility of women in manufacturing

    Posted 07-04-2018 08:47
    Attracting women into manufacturing leadership takes many different initiatives:

    1) Recruit, Retain and Develop women into engineering and supply chain roles. Put them into rotational positions into plant operations when you hire them. This is about exposure.

    2) Make sure that when positions are open that women are in the pool of candidates considered....and hire them. This is about opportunity.

    3) Women and Men both appreciate flexibility. What opportunities for flexibility can be provided to allow those taking challenging roles to have the work-life balance they desire? This is about retention and meeting the needs of women and men in the workplace.

    4) Lastly, since there may not be many role models for women in manufacturing leadership roles, find these women mentors that can share stories, support and encouragement. This is about development and care.

    5) Repeat

    Thanks for being a great role model for other women in your organization.

    Val Young

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