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Recap/Recording: Workplace Flexibility Webinar with Jodi Keller

  • 1.  Recap/Recording: Workplace Flexibility Webinar with Jodi Keller

    Posted 05-17-2019 14:08
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    We had a fascinating, discussion-filled webinar with Jodi Keller, VP of United Scrap Metal yesterday focused on workplace flexibility as a mother and executive.  We specifically discussed two policies at United Scrap that Jodi helped implement after realizing she needed greater workplace flexibility, namely paid family leave and flex hours, and their steps for implementation.  Jodi also discussed work life balance and how she holds dates "sacred" in order to balance her family and her role at United Scrap.

    Check out the recording attached here!

    Also, make sure to join us for our next workplace flexibility webinar featuring Leslie Suffredini, Operations Manager of Cleveland Operations at Arconic, on Thursday May 30th at 2pm EST -- register here! 

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