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What has your challenges been with onboarding a veteran?

  • 1.  What has your challenges been with onboarding a veteran?

    Posted 03-15-2018 16:37

    I have found that hiring managers don't understand the struggles a veteran may have when transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce. This can be very frustrating for both parties if the hiring manager isn't sensitive to this. In many cases, a veteran will leave their first job within the first year of being hired. This can be mitigated by bringing awareness and education to the leadership. For example, the veteran may go through feelings of inadequacy because they are no longer the subject matter expert or person in charge. They may become frustrated when things that weren't acceptable in the military are normal or tolerated in the civilian workplace. For example, a veteran may get very frustrated with subordinates or peers if they are late to a meeting. A manager needs to be able to help the veteran work through this transition. At my facility we have started a Veterans and Military Support Network to assist with the retention of veterans and education of the leadership.


    Traci Earls

  • 2.  RE: What has your challenges been with onboarding a veteran?

    Posted 03-16-2018 09:20
    This is a very true reality.  When i left the Marine Corps in 2004 I had a position in aircraft manufacturing lined up.  I was there for one month before I left.  The frustration for me was the lack of process and leadership I had been accustomed to in the military.  Suddenly I was expected to perform a job that was different in many ways as well as new leadership styles and little process to fall back on from the company.  Manufacturing in its proper form is very process driven and similar to the way the military accomplishes tasks.  Companies have to be aware that the military mind needs written process to fallback on when accomplishing a new task or something they are not familiar with.

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