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Celebrating U.S. Manufacturing this 4th of July

  • 1.  Celebrating U.S. Manufacturing this 4th of July

    Posted 07-03-2018 12:17
    This week as you celebrate with family and friends, take a moment to appreciate the manufacturers past, present and future who make America strong. The hot dogs and grills at your barbecue, the baseball bats at the game and flag proudly displayed on your front porch are all tangible examples of how manufacturing impacts your everyday life. However, while most Americans agree that manufacturing is important for our country overall, many still don't understand what manufacturing in America actually looks like.

    According to our research, more than 80% of Americans believe that manufacturing is vital to economic prosperity and 75% believe the U.S. should invest more in the industry. But with an expected 2 million manufacturing jobs expected to go unfilled by 2025 and only 30% of parents saying they would encourage their child to pursue a manufacturing career, it's clear that we have a challenge on our hands and a skewed perception of the manufacturing industry lies at its heart.

    So what can you do to help solve this problem? If you're a parent, help engage kids and inspire the manufacturers of the future. If you're a teacher, work to give students the skills necessary to land manufacturing jobs and make a true success of them. If you're a manufacturer, focus on retaining those already in manufacturing and help them become ambassadors for manufacturing paying it forward to engage the next generation. And of course, learn more about how the Manufacturing Institute works every day to attract, train and retain a new generation of creators. 

    Manufacturing is essential to America's economic well being, our safety and our security. As we celebrate this Independence Day I hope we will also take a moment to celebrate the manufacturers that make America strong-from those who built the arsenal of democracy to those who build the technology that makes up modern life. 

    Carolyn Lee
    Executive Director
    The Manufacturing Institute