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How do you like to be managed?

  • 1.  How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-16-2018 14:56
    ​This is a question for all of our MFG Veterans:  How do you like to be managed? Since the number one reason people leave their job is "their manager" or "leadership", I think this is a very important question and one that we can shape for success. So, please share with us a story of your ideal leader or your favorite style of management that you enjoy.  Thanks in advance!  Crystal

    Crystal Bryant-Kearns
    Site Manager
    USO Pathfinder
    Fort Riley KS

  • 2.  RE: How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-17-2018 10:18
    One of the big take-aways that I have taken with me from the military to leading in the private sector is learning how NOT to micromanage.  The military has made great strides over the past 10-15 years to transition from a "zero defect" mentality to enabling junior leaders and soldiers to operate within specified constraints or limitations given the Commander's Intent and desired endstate.  This is very applicable in the private sector.  When managers at any level begin to micromanage, that is when they begin to lose the talent of those with whom they work--not just on a vertically tiered echelon, but also their peers.  As an engineer, I have found this to be especially advantageous in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and process development as well as production scheduling.

    Justin Meinhardt
    Manufacturing Engineer
    Noble Industries
    Noblesville IN

  • 3.  RE: How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-17-2018 16:36
    From my personal experience, I prefer to be managed by someone who leads from the front and doesn't just bark orders and walks away. Being out on the floor along with all of the subordinates not only shows that you have the knowledge to perform the tasks required, but that you are willing to help out individuals who are still learning processes and procedures. It also shows that you care about the product and the employees, which can boost morale and productivity. Another big topic for management would be how they talk to their employees. It's not always what you say, but how you say it. Showing respect and treating each individual as an adult can go along way.

    Tyler Martin

  • 4.  RE: How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-17-2018 11:06
    I would have to say, when managing or being managed, always remember we're all human. If you treat them like an adult you will almost always get better results. There attitude about an assignment or toward you when correcting then is better.

    SSG Charles Granger
    US Army
    Fort Riley Kansas

  • 5.  RE: How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-17-2018 19:30
    Ooh, nice question.  If it's a brand new task give me some guidelines and I will run with it.  Managers should not be micromanaging since they have other stuff they have to do.  Either tell me specifically what and how it needs to be done or train me on the procedures before I start.

    Another good point is if I do know a better way or it is against regulation to do something is to please listen.  One micro manager I knew always said 'I don't care.'  After awhile he got better, it just took awhile and a lot of meetings.

    Pascual Guad

  • 6.  RE: How do you like to be managed?

    Posted 04-19-2018 13:22
    I prefer to be lead by an individual with an high Emotional Intelligence.  The soft skills that a leader needs are just as important as the technical ability or training that a leader should have.  Knowing if your employees are left or right brain dominate or if they prefer direction in task or autonomy is crucial to being a successful leader in any organization.  Master the soft skills and the rest will fall into place.  Lead through Emotional Intelligence and your employees will follow you because they want to not because they are being paid to.

    Joshua Gibbs
    Chief Operations Officer
    JEM Engineering
    Laurel MD
    301-317-1070 ext. 155