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Hi! ​I am a Principal Chemist and currently I'm under a special assignment executing as Production Supervisor in Boston Scientific, Dorado Puerto Rico site. I have been working at Boston Scientific for the last 6.5 years and I have 16 years of experience between the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries. Working at healthcare industries has been my passion for the last 16 years where I  had the opportunity of working as Scientist and leading different teams. 
As a leader in the manufacturing industry one of my objectives is to help our teams by motivating, influencing, and acting as an agent of change. For the last two years I have been the HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement) ERG Lead for Puerto Rico site. As part of leading the HOLA ERG I have the opportunity to support our Hispanic people by providing networking, developmental and leadership opportunities for their personal and professional growth, while also contributing to the culture and growth of the organization by celebrating the Hispanic heritage. As result of leading different teams and organizations I had the opportunity of helping other women advancing in the manufacturing workforce. Manufacturing is my passion, I love leading teams and helping others to be successful!