Breanna Cornell


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Process Engineer for the Napkin group at Essity's Bellemont, Arizona location; works with operators and management on improving the machine efficiency, lowering the waste, enhancing the safety program, creating and implementing training programs, creation of Clean/Inspect/and Lubrication programs, and improving operational processes on machines.

Is the youngest finishing female in this history of the "World's Toughest Footrace", the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon (2015 at age 22). Has completed four 100-mile races in addition to many other distances. Has completed 2 double crossings of the Grand Canyon and first female to run the entire Flagstaff Loop Trail (~45 miles). Is an active member with the nonprofit impossible2Possible (i2P) that creates experiential learning programs for classrooms through expeditions. Was on the 2012 expedition on a team of 7 students that ran 50 km/day across the Kalahari Desert in Botswana while educating about water use and biodiversity in the desert.

Creates and sells digital art as "ChickadeeBree" online. Sells art in Flagstaff at local events and hangs in restaurants for First Friday. Loves themes of nature, beauty, and pain. Draws inspirations from the body modification community and trail running.

Number one, my dog. She's amazing, epileptic, cuddly, and has run 50 miles with me in one go. I'm obsessed with yurts and camping and backpacking. I love any type of chocolate and going to the movies by myself. I love pushing my limits, in learning, life, running, art, and through other artistic expressions. I am in love with where I live in Arizona and where I am in life. I try to appreciate every moment, even what the struggles teach me, because we only live each moment once.